From the airport

To get to Palacio Euskalduna from the airport, you should take A3247 bus (Bizkaibus). There is a bus every 15 minutes (o´clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to). This bus will leave you at Gran Vía 74, which is aproximately 5 minutes walk from Palacio Euskalduna.

To go by subway

If you use the subway, you should stop at San Mamés station and take the exit of Sabino Arana, which is aproximately located 5 minutes walk from Palacio Euskalduna.

From the bus station

The bus station is located in San Mamés, so the easier way to get to Palacio Euskalduna would be by walk, which are 12 minutes more or less.

Trolley car

If you use the trolley car, there is a stop that is called “Euskalduna” which will leave you just next to the Palacio Euskalduna.