Héctor Sánchez Zarraga, Asociación de Hostelería de Bizkaia Board Member

In a society that is increasingly globalized, but at the same time more inclined to individual enterprise efforts, it is important to highlight the role of associations as a coordinating element between the two main areas that come together in the companies day-to-day: the public and the private. Associations are the engines that, properly greased, […]

Miguel Torres Maczassek, Familia Torres Managing Director

The wine sector, which lives from the land and therefore directly suffers the imbalances caused by the climate change, can become the spearhead in the fight against climate change and an example of adaptation. In 2008, we set ourselves the objective of reducing by 30% the CO2 emissions per bottle from the vineyard to the […]

Pedro Ballesteros thinks about the grapevine

There are only few plants more sustainable than the grapevine. Austere in his day to day, giving the best of himself in the poorest soils; long-lived, sometimes centenarians, gathering in their fruits the memory of many seasons; and emotional, human, stories bearer. Wine, that transformed essence of the vine, it is the messenger of sustainability […]

Amaia Agirre Inza, Ausolan System Management Director

Ausolan advocates for the society transformation towards solidarity and sustainability this is the reason why we have active strategies around circular economy, downstream, co-creating with our suppliers, products with less environmental footprint and investigating how we can measure the sustainability of our dishes, and in turn, improve it. We minimize the food waste by applying […]

José Ramón Calvo, Gorka Izagirre Winemaker

The viticulture production in Biscay suffered at a late stage, the devastating scourge of the phylloxera, which did not reach the Biscay vineyard until the early years of the twentieth century. This drastic loss of production capacity of our villages coincided with the industrial boom that, around steel, Basque industry was living, which made the […]

“Graphic recording” by some students of the Fine Arts School at the Basque University UPV/EHU

We introduce you to Leire Orueta, Jone Guarrotxena, Garazi Ruiz, Janire Flores, María Delgado, Julia Subiza, students of the Fine Arts School at the Basque University UPV/EHU, who will represent by “graphic recording”, panellists participating in “Gastronomy and Sustainable development” conference. This exercise is organized in the framework of the agreement signed between the above-mentioned university […]


From the airport To get to Palacio Euskalduna from the airport, you should take A3247 bus (Bizkaibus). There is a bus every 15 minutes (o´clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to). This bus will leave you at Gran Vía 74, which is aproximately 5 minutes walk from Palacio Euskalduna. To go by subway If […]

Diego Prado, BCulinaryLAB Coordinator

Sustainability is an underlying part of our research and programmes. We look at waste as a quality raw material. Where people use to see a simple banana peel, we see carbohydrates. Where people see fish bones, we see proteins this is to say we understand this cycle as a second life for the products, giving […]

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

There’s a world of opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we make stuff. ‘Re-Thinking Progress’ explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design the way our economy works – designing products that can be ‘made to be made again’ and powering the system with renewable energy. It questions whether with creativity and […]

Miren Onaindia, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Environmental Education

Gastronomy has great potential on the road to sustainability. We eat every day involving in the process the Planet, the People, the Prosperity and the Alliances: Planet: an efficient use of resources that maintain biodiversity and landscape People: revitalize and development of a cultural heritage, health and well-being Prosperity: socio-economic development, innovation and market opportunity […]

Inma Estévez, expert in animal welfare

What’s on my plate? A few years ago it would have been enough to respond with a brief nutritional description. Later we were interested in the content of trans, saturated and unsaturated fats. But as we move along the path of knowledge, a responsible consumer not only asks what’s on my plate, but behind my […]

Mariano Gómez, Doctor of Biology and Veterinary Medicine

We are at a time when we have more and more information, but do we know how to use it? Do we think about what we eat? The market is very broad and we know that food influences our health, but are we responsible with local producers, with food in danger of extinction or with […]

Rogelio Pozo, AZTI-Tecnalia Managing Director

The growth of both population and per capita income at international level is going to trigger a revolution for the food system at a global level. The increase of the food demand combined with the global warming implications will have as a consequence the lack of drinking waters and fertile lands to produce the food […]

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has just launched a new 4-year systemic initiative

It’s called the Cities and the Circular Economy for Food and this latest project builds on lessons learnt from previous initatives aimed at catalysing system level change in the global plastic packaging and fashion sectors. The ambition of the Food project is to create a vision for a more ‘circular‘ urban food system, one that designs out waste and externalities, closes […]

Pedro Ballesteros, the first Spanish Master of Wine

The sustainability concept arose with a strong sectorial vision, focused on the conditions that countries in development process had to comply with to ensure that their own economic progress won’t threat everybody´s future quality of life. Quickly it was evident that sustainability responsibility corresponded first to the already developed countries, those which are an example […]

Paul Newnham, SDG2 Advocacy Hub Coordinator

We believe in a better future for food. A future where ingredients are grown with respect for the environment, where no good food goes to waste and where everyone, everywhere enjoys the nutritious meals they need to grow and thrive. While the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set out a roadmap to achieving this vision, […]