What’s on my plate? A few years ago it would have been enough to respond with a brief nutritional description. Later we were interested in the content of trans, saturated and unsaturated fats. But as we move along the path of knowledge, a responsible consumer not only asks what’s on my plate, but behind my plate.

The consumer, and perhaps in a special way the high gastronomy consumer, is interested in who and how has been produced the food. He worries about sustainability, he worries, more and more the way in which animals are raised because animal welfare is an integral part of any sustainable production system.

At present, there are very interesting production systems, responsible for animal welfare but, obviously, this involves higher production costs that not all consumers can afford.

In the field of animal welfare research, we have to work to democratize animal welfare, so that the dishes are not only dishes with stars, but also be dishes with compassion and with consciousness the whole community can face.